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  •         Teacher-of-the-Month

                    My Teacher Rocks

Teacher Of The Month Winners

October 2014

Terri Butts

November 2014

Sharon Meredith

January 2015

Christopher Wofford

February 2015

Hunter Jolley

March 2015

Laura Hane

April 2015

Sandy Guilmette

May 2015

Traci Hewitt

September 2015

Susanne KotySusanne Koty

October 2015

Shayna MitchellShayna Mitchell

January 2016

Cassandra Randolph

February 2016

Michelle Hydrick

March 2016

Andrea Lane

April 2016

Katina Rhue-Blackmon

May 2016

Terri Ivester

Terri Ivester

Sept 2016

Kay McSpadden

October 2016

John Asbill

John Asbill

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